Aathu Karaila karpalipu

Mathan 2014-12-01 Comments

Pundaiya Nakku First about the girl she is very young pretty Village girl, with nice body, she has wonderful Melons (Boobs) hanging very nice, her age is only 28 or less, she got married only one and half year ago and she has a very small baby, her husband is good at sex too, so its tough for any boy to fuck her but i had a good chance fucking her.

She is basically for a low class family, she is a working girl in my mom’s sister’s house, i went there for a vacation, it’s a deep village area, usually i hate going there but my dad forced to go there, as everyone knows that many houses in village they don’t have toilets and all, hence all have to wake up early in the morning and to river banks to do as such things, but Im a lazy guy i use t wake up late in the morning, so i went late to river bank to go toilet, it was almost 9 i think so, the sun was ready to blow its heat, so to be hidden i went some what deep inside bushes and sat down, I was sitting in a way that i can see all for hidden and none can see me if they are too close too, after some time i heard someone’s foot noise so rather than moving out i was quite in my place, it was Ramani, I worker girl came there for going pie, i don’t know wat to do, she came little bit close to me, but she didn’t see me as i was deep inside bushes, then she noticed if there is anyone around and she took her pavada up, Women in villages don’t use panities and all i think she too didn’t wear anything, when she lifted her nighty and pavadai up, i couldn’t see anything but as soon as she sat, Oh my god, i can cleanly see her pussy inside the bush like hairs, wat a pussy she ahs i could not control myself, so i started to shake my tool, then she completed her work and stood up and turned without undoing her pavadai, i saw her big ass i could not explain it in words how cute it was. Then i came to home, but i could not forget it. I was waiting for a moment to fuck her, I noticed her activities but she was a perfect homely girl…I waited for a moment. Finally I got the chance….

Asusual I went to take bath in the river, I was too late it was almost 10.30 a.m in the morning, I was alone inside the river so I removed all my cloths I was only with my underwear inside the river, I thought of Ramani and I left my hand inside my underwear and smooching my dick slowly I got my full mood so I thought of removing my underwear and start masturbating but I was afraid to be fully naked, so I removed my underwear till my knees and I started doing, As soon as I started doing, Ramani came there to take bath, she noticed that I was there, she started a friendly chat she started telling those old days when I was like a baby and she was a little girl and use to pinch my chicks and all, she thought me still like a little boy and while speaking she started removing her saree, I was eagerly looking at her, and I asked her why she is too late, she replied that if she comes early there would me Men talking bath so she will be late often, Then immediately I asked her now I’m also a Men here but you are here to take Bath, she smiled and replied “you are still a little boy for me, you are like my small kid”, I was happy hearing this because I’m going to see her only with pavadi, I was waiting for her but she was still outside river, I asked what she was doing she said come here, I asked why, she said her Jacket Hook was locked and she was unable to remove the hook and asked my help, then eagerly I went near , wat a great look she didn’t wear any bra, I could see the Dark nipples inside her jackets, I tried to remove her jackets but I cant , then I intentionally hardly pressed on boobs,

I thought that she would Slap me and scold me, but she replied in a mild voice “ Pathu methuva amuku da valikuthu, porumaiya amuki edu da paiya…” she said to do slowly in Tamil, I said ok and finally put her boobs out and removed her Jackets, then she said go and have bath, but I didn’t move from that place and was just seeing her hanging boobs, she asked what, I said “ I liked to press it again”, she said why I want t touch , “I wont allow you” , then I pretended as if sad and rubbed my eyes, she called me back and told that she will allow only once and I should not say this event to anyone else, I said “ok”, then I started pressing , as she gave birth to a baby only a few months back it started to milk, I started sucking it, she said “its enough, go back, someone may see us”, but I never stopped it, but she was still continuously telling, then I was in full mood I tried to put her down and start fucking, but she refused and slapped in my chicks and started scolding me heavily, Then I slowly put on my hands on her shoulders and tried to fuck her by her weak point, I asked her about her salary, she replied she is getting only 2500 per month, I said her I would pay her double for only one time fuck she started thinking about the amount, “ five……thousand for 1 time sex….” While she was thinking in slowly put on my hands on her and she later said complete it fast as soon as possible, she asked me to fuck me in tamil “ va da vanthu en pundaila vitu aatu da, mm va da pundapavanaei, vanthu oolu da enna…”… then I started to kiss all over her body, she stopped me in middle


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